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sommelier course 6:

Expand your ability to pair food and wine

Have you been working hard to develop your wine and food skills and want to practice even more? Perhaps you have taken our degree three course and want to learn more? Or maybe you've noticed that restaurants aren't THAT good at choosing pairing packages - and you think you can do better? Then this is the class for you.

The package for Sommelier course 6 contains:

  • 4 teaching sessions

  • 18:30-21:00 one day a week for four weeks

  • Tasting min. 6 wines per evening

  • You will receive a certificate of completion of the course

  • We recommend that you have taken Grade 3 before enrolling in this course.


4499 DKK


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27 May  -review skills learned in WineClass #3


  • How to Analyze Wine; understand the characteristics that affect matching with food

  • Review of the basic principles of wine and food pairing with six wines

  • Practice matching wine and food in theory using a menu and wine list

03 June - A three-course dinner with a private chef

  • Private chef at The Vault prepares a three course dinner for our class; starter, main course and dessert

  • Two - three wines will be served with each dish, whereby we will assess together which wine is the best pairing.


June 10 -  Restaurant Høst for a five-course dinner

  • We meet at Restaurant Høst for a five-course dinner; and share their wine pairing menu between two people. 

  • The food menu will be delivered to the class in advance; and teams of two or three will also choose a wine from the restaurant's wine list to match one of the ​​courses.

  • During dinner, we will see if our pairing choices are better than those the restaurant has chosen, i.e. we will have two wines to compare with each dish.

June 17  -Five-course dinner with private chef at The Vault.

  • Each class member is assigned one of ​​the five dishes on the menu to bring a wine with the meal.

  • We will discuss and vote on the best pairings; without shaming anyone! 

Note:  Classes are held in English

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