sommelier course 4: Expand your Knowledge About special Wines, Spirits and beers

This is the ultimate sommelier course for those who want to learn about wines AND other beverages! This is not just your normal wine course as you will also be introduced to spirits and beers. We will improve your ability to taste and judge wine, and further there will also be an exclusive Champagne focus. With this course you will also take a deep dive into port and Madeira, and at the same time get an introduction to the production of spirits - such as Sake, Gin and Cognac

The package for Sommelier course 4 contains:

  • 6 teaching sessions + test

  • 18: 30-20: 30 one day a week for six weeks

  • Tasting min. 6 wine, beer or spirits per night

  • You will receive a diploma for completing the course

  • It is not necessary to take modules 1, 2 or 3 before going on this course


3999 DKK

You will automatically receive a discount when booking more than one student for each course.


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April 14 - To learn and practice the basics of evaluating and judging wines
-Learn about tasting and judging wine because of its properties and quality
-Practice together

April 21- Deep deep to understand the different types of fortified wine

-Port Wine



April 28 - Learn your Champagne personality
-Understanding of the different types
-Get better to know what you like

May 05 - Learn your beer personality

-Introduction to the art of making beer
-Understand the different types of Ales and Lagers


May 12 - Spirits

-Understand how spirits are made
-Focus on Grappe - Sake - Gin - Liquors - others

May 19 - Spirits

-Continuation of alcohol training
-Focus on Whiskey - Bourbon - Cognac - Calvados

May 20 - Final exam

Written test

Then the opportunity to purchase a closing dinner

Note: Classes are held in English