Sommelier course 3: Wine analysis and food pairing  

For this sommelier course you will learn about detailed wine analysis and food pairing in relation to wine. You will learn specific techniques to be able to match wine and food, as well you will learn the techniques for judging wine. As a true sommelier, it is essential to be able to match wine and food for the best gastronomic experience. With this course, we want to guarantee that you can impress your friends at your next dinner party.

The package for Sommelier course 3 contains:

  • 6 teaching sessions + test

  • 18:30 - 20:30 and one day a week

  • Tasting of min. 6 wines with tastings of food per evening week 3-5

  • You will receive a course certificate for completion 

  • The four courses we offer can be taken in any order


3499 DKK


You will automatically receive a discount when booking more than one student for each course.

only a few spots open

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  09 Feb / 26 Apr - To learn the basics of evaluating and judging wines
-The wine's appearance, clarity, color intensity, and how to describe it.

-Impacts from the field and from the wine cellar.

-Where do the aromas come from and what can they tell about the wine

-How the scents are classified.

-Primary, secondary and tertiary aromas

-The fundamental tastes and a little about our taste buds

16 Feb / 03 May - Practice the basics of evaluating and judging wines

-Plus a few surprise topics


23 Feb / 10 May - Matching wine and food - the basics
-Learn about the five tastes we experience

-How the wine affects the taste of food

-How food affects the taste of​​ wine


02 Mar / 17 May -  Matching wine and food with a chef

- Hear insight from an assigned chef in Copenhagen

- Learn to open and decant wine and champagne

Teacher:  Max Sudru - Chief Aamanns 1921


09 Mar / 24 May  Matching wine with cheese and dessert

-Balancing of taste

-Matches the sweetness level

16 Mar / 31 May - Exercise of the elements learned in part 1-5

-Review of all the things we learned

-Blind tasting practice

17 Mar / 02 Jun -  Final test

Written test

Then the opportunity to purchase a closing dinner

Note:  Classes are held in English