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Wine Class offers sommelier-level wine courses for individuals with an interest in learning more about wine.
The courses provide a broad and basic knowledge of wine. After taking our courses you will be better equipped  for choosing, judging and enjoying wine.


Wine Class aims to improve everyone's knowledge about wine -  because, of course,  it is important (and fun!) to know what you are drinking.


Attending our wine classes has the added benefit of automatically making you part of our wine community. It is a community that shares a love of wine and has fun tasting wine together long after the courses are over.



About the Courses


WThe ineClass courses are based on an Italian sommelier education for individuals with an interest in wine. The training is offered by Il Santuccio, and has existed for more than 15 years. It is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture & Foodstuffs.

Kthe urs, held for six weeks, and there are sixdifferent courses to choose from:
Basics about wine, grapes and wine production – Wine regions – Wine analysis and food pairing --
Expand your knowledge of special grapes and how they differ in different wine regions - Deep dive into interesting wine regions  Expand your ability to pair food and wine (only 4 weeks)

Vi also have one day courses that are held on a Saturday or weekday evening, have many different interesting themes.

A unique thing about the structure of this course is that you learn about all the factors that influence the wine in a way that is easy to understand and remember.

Forget WSET - where it's just about memorizing the facts - we actually teach you about the wine and equip you better to choose and judge wine

About WineClass

Every nodule consists of 6 teaching sessions (except Module 6 - 4 weeks) of 2 hours plus a written test. The lessons take place in the evening on weekdays, so you can easily fit it in with work and free time.

The classes can be taken in any order, however it is an advantage to start with the 1st module and end with the 6th. degree if possible. If you are unable to attend one or more classes, you are welcome to attend the same classes the next time the same degree is offered.

If you complete all six modules, you will receive a Sommelier diploma. But most importantly: you get a broad and basic knowledge of wine, which you can use to have even better experiences with wine.

Once you have taken one of our courses, you will become part of our wine tasting community. Where we exchange experiences and have a social life with people who all love to taste wines and share their experiences. In short, a lifetime of friends and tasting wines.


About The Teaching

Each evening at WineClass, the teacher first talks about the topic, and then we move on to the practical part, where you get wine by the glass and the topic of the day is "tested" on the wines.

Every evening has its exciting topic with both wine and a teacher who has been chosen especially for the topic. You will receive a teaching booklet for each degree. The booklet tells about the individual subjects in key terms, and there is space for tenl your notes.

Note Class material is in English and all the teaching is done in English.

Six Week Sommelier Courses

Sommelier Course - 1.

The basics of wine, grapes and wine production

Sommelier Course - 2.

Wine regions and how to choose the best wines


Sommelier Course - 3.


Wine analysis and food pairing


Sommelier Course - 4.

Expand your knowledge of special wines, and special grapes

One day courses

Sommelier Course – 5.

one evening for six weeks

 Deep dive into interesting wine regions


Sommelier Course – 6.

one evening for four weeks

Expand your ability to pair food and wine


Discover your Champagne Personality

Are you curious about what type you really are?


Italian Wine Day

Take a deep dive into some fascinating wine regions of Italy!

Evening Courses 

White Wine World 

A world tour for lovers of white wine

 Wines from unUSUAL regions

Only for people that like to discover new things

Educational Wine Trips

Two to three times a year Wine Class leaves Copenhagen to learn about a fantastic and unUSUAL wine regions together.  Like most wine trips we will discover and taste many different wines, but our trips are also focused on increasing your knowledge about all aspects of wine in a region you may never have experienced before.


Learning about wine is much more than just appreciating the smells and tastes in your glass. Its about understanding the "terrior" that makes each glass so special.  Together we learn from wine makers, and local harvesters about the heart and soul of each bottle of wine they produce.


Our wine trips focus on increasing your knowledge about wine, just like our traditional Wine Classes - but with the added benefit of discovering a new region of the world.  And we also guarantee lots of fun with some unexpected twists!​

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Corneliu Tiulenev

Cornelieu Tiulenev, formerly the head sommelier at Mother Wine is originally from Moldova. Corneliu has taken his sommelier education in Italy as well as worked at Michelin star restaurants in both Italy and Denmark.

Today he manages

not your USUAL wine bar.

Cornelius's love of wine really comes from his heart - and he has a story for every bottle. His easy and fun teaching style is a great pleasure for everyone!


Gwenn Bjornstad Larsson

Gwenn Larsson, an American who has lived in the Nordic region for 20 years, received her Sommelier diploma and level 4 WSET certification from

Restaurangakademien in Stockholm.

Together with Corneliu, she owns

not  your USUAL wine bar, where the emphasis is on trying new wine styles.

Gwenn has an pedagogic approach to Wine Class. She loves to prepare the details and facts when teaching others about wine. Her relaxed style makes learning easy and entertaining.


Alexsandra Harabasz

Alexandra has extensive and broad knowledge - plus like many of us - a love of wine!

Her vast knowledge was gained by completing her Court of Masters Sommelier degree and from working in Michelin star restaurants in Poland and Denmark. .

She currently works at

Geranimum in Copenhagen.

We are privileged to have her as guest sommelier at The Vault and guest teacher for WineClass.

Zachary Brierly

Zachary Brierly has a Masters in Wine Science from Auckland Univerisity in New Zealand and experience with several New Zealand wineries.

Today Zach is responsible for the wine production and is lead viticulturist at Dyrehøj Vingaard.

He is a fantastic guest instructor for Wine Class - with an incredible knowledge of winemaking!

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Hauser Plads 32, st

1127 Copenhagen


telephone: 916 288 61


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